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A Guide to Electrical Safety for Landlords: What you need to know

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If you’re a landlord within the UK, there are certain responsibilities and laws you must abide by to ensure that your tenants are safe both when they move in and throughout the duration of their stay. There are certain regulations in place such as Electrical Safety Inspections and Certificates which help to regulate electrical safety within the UK.

As a landlord, you should take all necessary steps to prevent harm or injury to anyone within your property which could potentially be caused by electrical appliances or fittings.

UK landlords have the legal responsibility to ensure that all electrical fittings within their property, such as sockets and light fittings are safe for tenants to use at all times. But what steps can you take to do this?

What are the main Electrical hazards to prevent in your property?

The three most common and dangerous electrical hazards in a property are electrical shocks, burns and fire. These hazards are commonly caused by damage to electrical appliances, switches or other fittings.

These electrical hazards could be caused by a number of different scenarios, including poor maintenance of electrical equipment or appliances, vandalism to electrical fittings and faulty electrical equipment. There are steps you can take as a landlord to minimise the risk of these hazards occurring within your property.

Electrical Safety Inspections

To ensure that your property complies with IEE wiring regulations, an independent assessor can visit your property and inspect all electrical fittings. If you’re looking to make your property as safe as possible from electrical hazards, this inspection should include Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), which will declare appliances such as computers, microwave ovens, kettles, fridges and any other electrical equipment as safe to use.

Once the inspection has been completed, the assessor should provide you with a written report which details the current condition of all electrical fittings. If there are any electrical fittings which fall below the required standards, an electrical safety inspector, such as those provided by CEC energy will be able to advise on what repairs are needed before tenants can safely live or work within your property.

Electrical Safety Certificates

If all electrical fittings have been declared as safe by an independent assessor, you will be provided with an electrical safety certificate.

It is your responsibility as a landlord to organise an electrical safety assessor to visit your property and inspect all electrical fittings to make an assessment as to whether your property can be deemed safe.

Without an Electrical Safety Certificate, you cannot legally allow tenants to live or work within your property. If you are a landlord or owner of multiple properties which require an electrical safety certificate, CEC Energy will send an approved electrical safety assessor to your property and provide you with an electrical safety certificate for as little as £120.

How often does your property need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Electrical installations and fittings can deteriorate over time, however it is your legal responsibility as a landlord to prevent hazards from happening within your property as a result of faulty electrical equipment.

To do so, you should organise a periodic inspection of all electrical appliances. Like your initial electrical inspection, this periodic inspection should be documented and declare that your property is safe for tenants to live or work in.

If you are a landlord of a residential property, the time between electrical inspections should never exceed five years. If at any point within these five years there is a change of tenancy, you will need to have your property reassessed before moving your new tenants in.

Do you require an Electrical Safety Assessment?

If you are a landlord who would like to learn more about electrical safety or organise for an electrician to visit your property, contact our team via email, phone or the contact form below and we will be able to assist you right away.

Whether you are a landlord with a single property or you are a property developer who requires multiple safety assessments, we will be able to provide a fast and reliable service.

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